A something, far enough away, shines for you (2018)






A pull, a tug 
A something, far enough away, shines for you. get closer, it moves from you. Spend a moment, getting a bit closer . you see it gets you. gets you so well, reflecting back on you, telling you who you are, what you are, what you NEED.
You think whether its worth the hassle, worth getting closer. chase it? 
worth it?
maybe, but maybe also danger. but what else would you do today?? The chase is worth at least a story, something to think back on later. even if you didn’t win, you got that moment of what if.
A chase, closer closer closer closer. You reach in, you’re there. Take a bite, take it in. The bite, unexpected, but something keeps you longer. a pull? Teeth in your lip. a rough sensation. Is this what you like? Maybe it could be something you like. You’re not getting much of a choice now anyways, you’re in for a ride.
Your lip is pulling away from you. 
You start to think this isn’t the one, you should back off, but your lip is pulled in tight, real fucking tight. 
You lose air, you lose your ground. Someone else has you now. You’re flailing. you’re got.
~ waiting. What’s next? Do you stay in this ? Do you really want to get out of it? This was the best thing that happened to you in a while. 
your lungs fill with oxygen once more. you gulp in. the grasp releases. you’re done with that shit. 
~you see another shine?



Exhibition was held at Sangnual 2551, Bangkok, TH. Photos by Pongsakorn Yananissorn.