Porpoiseful (Este título no sirve para nada)





Porpoiseful (Este título no sirve para nada) (2017)
In production, in an object’s history, its material abilities are shown in its construction. It has been constructed to serve a purpose, seen so clear in objects. Brooms being designed to sweep floors, coffee mugs with handles that fit just enough fingers to make your grasp comfortable. Objects speak to time, when the object was needed, when the object was no longer needed, when the object no longer held its purpose. The time between can be extended still. The time can be a moment in view, when you are present with the object, but the object has the ability to change. These still moments become more precious, more important. The care is shown, the fingerprints are still on the surface. The object will still serve some form of purpose. We relate to these objects through purpose, through our own purposes. Move to a new place on purpose, get a job on purpose. Drink a lot on purpose. Feeling the aches and pains the next day is also on purpose. Action, reaction, on purpose. Even if your decision ultimately hurts you, it was a decision made on purpose, for a purpose. Porpoise.

All works made during residency with Intercambiador ACART (Madrid, ES) and were displayed at Quinta del Sordo.